Gärtnerbetreute Grabanlage auf dem Friedhof im Ortsteil Kettenbach

  Gärtnerbetreute Grabanlage

Jahresprogramm 2019 - "Generation 55+" / "Erwachsene" / "Kids und Teens"

  Jahresprogramm 2019   10.1 M

Weather in Aarbergen



 Porträt der Gemeinde Aarbergen


Fachwerkkirche in Daisbach


Aarbergen is a municipality in the district of Reingau-Taunus and located amongst the German Central Uplands on the western part of Untertaunus. The landscape is characterized by the middle Aartal with lateral valleys, meadows and woods. The municipality was founded after the local government reorganisation in 1971 and contains the following districts: Kettenbach, Michelbach, Hausen über Aar, Rückershausen, Panrod and Daisbach. Aarbergen is conveniently located on the     B 54; the distance to Wiesbaden is about 30 km, about 20 km to Taunusstein and 19 km to Limburg. The nearest motorway access (A 3 Cologne - Frankfurt - Würzburg) is approximately 19 km away. To Frankfurt and Frankfurt Airport it takes approximately 60 km.

Bus lines run regularly to Wiesbaden, Limburg and Bad Schwalbach from all districts.

  • Reitsport
  • Bauernmarkt 2008
  • Flug- und Modellsport - Decathlon - Modell und Original -


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