Hinweis für den Verkauf von Zehnerkarten für das Waldschwimmbad in Aarbergen-Michelbach

Aufgrund der Umstellung des Kassensystems im Schwimmbad ist für den Verkauf der Zehnerkarte ein Pfand für die Chip-Karte in Höhe von 5,-- € erforderlich.
Diese kann nach Saisonende zurückgegeben werden und somit erhält man das Pfand zurück.
Es besteht aber auch die Möglichkeit, die Chip-Karte zu behalten und sie neu für die kommende Saison aufzuladen.Dann muss selbstverständlich kein Pfand mehr entrichtet werden.

Der Gemeindevorstand der
Gemeinde Aarbergen

Scheliga, Bürgermeister

Öffnungszeiten 2019

Im Mai und im September 2019 öffnet das Schwimmbad zu den verkürzten Öffnungszeiten von 11:00 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr.

In den Monaten Juni, Juli und August öffnet das Schwimmbad um 10:00 Uhr und schließt um 20:00 Uhr.

Je nach Witterung können die Öffnungszeiten vom Schwimmbadpersonal kurzfristig geändert werden. Die Badesaison endet im September. Genaues Datum ist witterungsabhängig. 


Stefan Heilhecker
Telefon: 06120 - 92587
Mail: freibad-aarbergen(at)live.de

Festerbachstraße 1 a
65326 Aarbergen



Public outdoor swimming pool in Aarbergen

Schwimmbad Panorama 1
Summer 2010
Schwimmbad Panorama 2
Summer 2010
Summer 2010
Summer 2010

Visit our renewed swimming pool. Here is somewhat offered for water lovers of all ages. A combined pool for non-swimmer and swimmer, rocking seat ring, neck and splash water showers, 46m slide, paddling pool with children's slide. Between the cooling down phases, you can relax on the sun deck or on the sunbathing lawn, play beach volleyball, boules, ping-pong, basketball or outdoor chess.

11 beach volleyball field, 1 ping-pong table, table soccer and others. Play equipment is available for further entertainment opportunities.
Parking spaces are available in sufficient numbers in front of the swimming pool area.
The friendly personal provides food and drink at our swimming-pool kiosk.
The monitoring of the whole swimming-pool activity is provided through lifeguard Mr. Stefan Heilhecker with support of German Life Saving Association local group (DLRG) on weekends and holidays.

Admission charges
Type Restriction Price
1. Single tickets Children up to the age of 6 Free
Children and youngsters up to the age of 6 and including age of 17 1,80 €
Adults 4,00 €
2. Tickets of ten Children and youngsters up to the age of 6 and including age of 17 12,00 €
Adults 30,00 €
3. Single season ticket Children and youngsters up to the age of 6 and including age of 17 25,00 €
Adults 60,00 €
4. Family season tickets For max. two adults (married couple and registered partnerships) and minimum one child or youngsters including the age of 17 90,00 €
For one-parent family and minimum one child or youngster including the age of 17 80,00 €
Family members from the age of 18 on had to redeem separate tickets and aren’t allowed to share the family card.
5. Lockers Locker rental fee
plus 5,00 € key deposit
2,00 €
Season locker 25,00 €
Replacement in case of key loss – costs for replacement and exchange of the lock 20,00 €
6. Cleaning For cleaning of gross pollutions according to §5 Abs. 3 bathing rules actual expenses, minimum a lump-sum of 35,00 € upon the instructions of the swimming supervisor.
7. Special tariffs For the listed group of people given below the following reduced admission fees will be charged:
a) Day ticket for adults after 05.00 p.m. 2,00 €
Day ticket for children and youngsters including the age of 17 after 05.00 p.m. 1,50 €
(Not valid on Sundays and public holidays)
b) Children up to the age of 6 get free entrance.
c) Pupils, students and persons in federal voluntary service from the age of 18 up to the age of 25 against production of an appropriate verification/identification card, and persons handicapped by at least 50% against production of an appropriate handicapped identification card pay only the half of the regular prices.
d) Owner of youth leader or volunteer card get free entrance against production of an appropriate identification card.
e) Persons handicapped by at least 100% and one accompanying person get free entrance.
f) If bathing for specific reasons (i.e. bad weather conditions, technical faults, due to a lack of staff) temporary, completely, partly or before end of season barred or closed, there shall be no claim to compensation charges or refund of charges. Referred to §9 bathing regulation of the municipality Aarbergen of the current version.
For Single, family and season tickets, a photo is necessary which is placed on the entrance ticket.
Tickets of ten are valid across all seasons.

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